The Perfect POP

I have ALWAYS been attracted to color!  I remember being in kindergarten and the teacher would release us for recess. Everyone could not wait to run out, but I would beg the teacher if I could stay inside and paint, draw, create!  Luckily, she let me :). I continued my love for Art and got my degree in Applied Design and Visual Art. And today, I love how the perfectly placed piece in a room or in your wardrobe can make such a statement.

You can throw on a pair of jeans and a tee and look good.... but if you add the perfect accessory with some shimmer or color you add the Perfect POP and an instantly create an outfit!

The Perfect Pop specializes in that piece that is missing from your wardrobe! Every piece is handmade with the utmost craftsmanship. The earring materials are individually selected for quality and appearance. Plus they are lightweight!!!! My poor ears endured some super-heavy earrings in the 90s and can not take it anymore :). Each piece adds some sparkle to everyone who wears it!

Thank you for your visit, and your business!

Enjoy your Perfect POP!

Natasha McAdoo

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